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We do it all!

3/28/2023 (Permalink)

Fogging a hallway One of our Crew Chiefs using a fogger.

Here at SERVPRO of Pottstown/Souderton not only do we do fire and water restoration, but all types of cleaning as well. We do soot, mold, bio-hazard, carpet, upholstery, and all flooring. We use many different chemicals and techniques in order to get the truest clean and the best odor removal. We have the best completely plant based, organic cleaners and we also utilize ozone to get the property clean and smelling great! There was a job we did in an apartment building in Collegeville, for a foul odor in one of the apartments. We ozoned the property for 24 hours and she had a fresh-smelling apartment. It's just one of the many things we do here at SERVPRO.

Why You Should Hire SERVPRO

6/11/2022 (Permalink)

Why You Should Hire SERVPRO

You can't control everything that comes with owning a business, but you can certainly prepare for the inevitable. One of those inevitabilities is fire and water damage. There's nothing worse than coming into work to find your building ruined and thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory destroyed by water or smoke damage. SERVPRO has been in the disaster recovery industry for years and we know what it takes to get your life back on track after an emergency situation like this occurs at your home or place of business. We've seen it all over our years in service. So if you are looking to hire a cleaning and restoration service then you should definitely hire SERVPRO.

We Have an Extremely Positive Word Of Mouth in the Market

We've been in business for many years. This means we are the go-to company when it comes to natural disasters that strike. It's pretty rare to find a business with that many positive reviews and testimonials from customers who walk away happy after using our service. We're all about quality customer service which is one of the reasons why SERVPRO has expanded into other areas like mold mitigation services. Our commitment to excellence will make sure you get everything your home or office needs during this difficult time.

Highly Trained Technicians and Cleaning Experts

We hire only the most qualified technicians. SERVPRO has some of the best cleaning and restoration teams with years of experience under their belt. We know how to get your home or business back into tip top shape after it's been hit by any type of natural disaster that causes water damage, fire damage or smoke damage. Working for a company like this one can be rewarding because you always feel like you're providing an important service to someone who needs our help during these tough times. You'll never need another provider when it comes to emergency response services once you've used us!

Advanced Technology for Cleaning and Restoration

You'll never have to worry about our technicians using outdated methods when it comes to services like water damage restoration, fire damage repairs and mold removal. We invest in the latest technology for cleaning your floors, carpets or hardwood. Our company is always looking ahead of the curve which sets us apart from other providers out there.

24/7 Service and Emergency Response

Our team is available around the clock. That means we'll come to your house or business and start cleaning up water damage, fire and smoke damage, no matter what time it is. Its nice knowing you can always rely on a company like SERVPRO for all of your emergency response needs. We're not going to judge you for calling us in the middle of the night either because that type of stuff happens from time to time! So don't hesitate when our office line rings after hours - pick it up every single time!

Efficient Process and Less Work for You

If you're like most people then you hate it when your home or business is in shambles after something bad happens. SERVPRO will make sure to get the process started as soon as possible so that we can help avoid further damage and inconvenience for our customers. You don't want to be stuck living out of a hotel room right? So let us take care of everything with lightning speed. Our technicians are experts at getting rid of water, smoke smell, fire damages and more without putting too much stress on the homeowner!

If you're looking for a trustworthy business that has been around for years then look no further than SERVPRO! Contact us today if you need more information on hiring the right service provider for emergency response needs.

Hire SERVPRO and Get Preventive Maintenance Tips for Disasters

6/11/2022 (Permalink)

Hire SERVPRO and Get Preventive Maintenance Tips for Disasters

If you are a business owner in the United States, there is a chance that your business could be affected by natural disasters more often that you would anticipate. It's better to have an emergency plan in place before it happens so you can minimize any damage and quickly get back up on your feet. SERVPRO has tips for preparing for emergencies like floods, fires, storms and more!

Prepare a Detailed Plan for Different Types of Disasters

Being prepared for different types of disasters is crucial. The SERVPRO blog has suggestions on how to be ready for these events:

- Floods - If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, make sure your business plans include this possibility. Consider having flood insurance and adjust the location of sensitive items like computers or paper files off the ground floor if possible. Having a plan will help everyone know what they need during moments when time isn't available! You can find out more about knowing what steps to take before floods here.

- Fire - Business owners should always prepare their employees about fire safety procedures like not throwing away burning cigarettes without properly extinguishing them first. Make sure all members are aware where fire escapes are located so no one gets trapped. If there is a fire, everyone must be prepared for an emergency evacuation immediately! You can find out more about how to keep your employees safe in the event of a fire here.

- Storms - Limiting damage due to storms starts with preparation and planning. Make sure you know where all company vehicles are located as well as any important equipment that could get damaged from lightning or fallen trees/branches. Know what areas may need special protection like solar panels on the roof so nothing gets overcharged during electrical storms since this can result in costly damages! For more tips read our blog post about protecting properties before storm season begins.

Prepare Your Employees to Be the Best First Responders Possible

Being able to respond quickly will go a long way in minimizing the damage and getting your employees back to work as soon as possible. Make sure each member of staff has a copy of evacuation plans for various emergencies like fire or flooding so everyone knows what they should do if it occurs. You can read more about keeping all members safe during an emergency here.

Keep a Reasonable Amount of Supplies for Emergency Situations

Have enough supplies on hand such as battery powered lights, food bars and water bottles that will last you at least 72 hours (the time it takes for professionals to get things up and running again). Keep these items out of sight but somewhere close by where anyone could access them easily in case there is no time to grab anything before evacuating the building!

Don't Forget to Have a Backup Plan In Case Things Don’t Go according To Plan

After preparing employees and the building, don't forget to plan for any unexpected situations that could happen during an emergency. You never know when your backup power may go out or if flooding will damage some of the equipment you need! Have any necessary items on hand so no matter what happens there is still a way to get back up and running without any delays!

Always Be Ready For the Unexpected

You should always be ready and prepared for the unexpected. Preparation for any emergency is the key to a quick recovery process. By having a plan in place, you'll be able to get back up and running again faster by limiting damages as much as possible!

One Team

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Pottstown/Souderton has teamed up with our King of Prussia franchise a few times in the past year to complete some pretty large losses in our area.  One of which was in Collegeville PA.  We had a rather large mold loss and we called in our back up, so to speak.  We got the environmental hygienist to come out and do air quality testing.  Once those results came back we followed the protocol as written and assembled all the team players. The job was completed in approximately 2 weeks and the post testing passed with flying colors. Working together is what we do to ensure that our customers, residential or commercial, get the best results. Please reach out to us any time at 610-327-9644.  We're here to help and we always act as #oneteam

Did you know?

3/29/2022 (Permalink)

Did you know that we service more than 30 areas located within Northern Montgomery County?

We serve Souderton 18964 and Franconia 18924, Palm 18070 and East Greenville 18041, Skippack 19474, Creamery 19430 and Phoenixville 19460, Upper Providence and Collegeville 19426, Arcola 19456 and Oaks 19456, Pennsburg/ Red Hill 18073 and Green Lane 18054, Salford 18957 and Salfordville 18958, Telford 18969 and Tylersport 18971 , Erlington 18918 and Woxall 18979, Sumneytown 18084 and Perkiomenville 18074, Frederick 19435, Harleysville 19438 and Mainland 19451, Mont Clare 19453 and Spring Mount 19478, Schwenksville 19473, Lederach 19450 and Zieglersville 19492, Barto 19504 and Bally 19503, Bechtelsville 19505, Gilbertsville 19525 and Sassamansville 19472, Linfield/Royersford/Limerick 19468 and Pottstown/Sanatoga/Stowe 19464.

The next time you have a water, fire, mold, or an odor issue, please give us a call at 610-327-9644

Why SERVPRO, Why not?

1/11/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is the largest restoration company in North America with over 1900 franchises to help you in your worst time. We are all independently owned so we really are a small mom and pop shop, however, we have the backing of that largest restoration company when we need it. We do it all! Got mold...we can remediate it and get you back to breathing healthier air. Water or fire damage...we'll get your home or business back to "Like it never even happened." Crime scene, trauma or bio-hazard...we have what it takes to get the job done utilizing our skills and our relationships with the DEP and EPA when necessary.  Post construction cleaning, duct and dryer vent cleaning, odor removal and general carpet cleaning. We are your one stop shop and we look forward to working you soon! 

SERVPRO and First Responders

12/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is a proud sponsor of the F1rst Responder Bowl!  We know that our 1st responders are a vital part of each community.  Our local Pottstown/Souderton franchise teamed up with our King of Prussia franchise and sponsored the Pennsylvania Firefighters Convention held in Limerick, PA this past September! The event kicked off with a golf outing and ended 3 days later with a parade of over 125 firetrucks from companies all over the state. Most SERVPRO franchises strive to show our support to our firehouses by dropping off cases of water or bringing in dinners or snacks on drill and meeting nights. We support them any way we can. They are the lifeline of help in times of distress. Know that we value them and their hard work more than we can possibly put into words.  If you are able, considering volunteering with your local Fire department, EMS or Police!  SERVPRO cares! 

Emergency Ready Plans

5/28/2021 (Permalink)

If you own a business, you know that anything could go wrong at any moment. Are you prepared to handle it when the time comes?  Most business owners feel confident that they would know what to do, until it actually happens and then they are worried and floundering. An Emergency Ready Plan or ERP with SERVPRO is a great way to take some of that stress off of you!  We will formulate a plan with you so that all moving parts are in one place and will make things that much easier if and when the time comes. We will know where the main shut off is for the water or electric. We will know who your insurance carrier is so that we can handle all the paperwork for you.  We will make it "Like it never even happened."

Relationship advice

5/24/2021 (Permalink)

No matter what type of loss occurs at your home or business, you're going to want the professionals to be the ones doing the work. All 1700+ franchises are independently owned and operated, however, we work with each other to provide the best service possible to our customers. Regardless of the loss, be it fire, water, mold, bio, or Covid we are your one stop shop.  We have formulated relationships with all of the insurance companies and we handle all the paperwork and communication for you. You can trust that we do everything in line with IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) guidelines and each Insurance carrier's requirements that they set forth. Should you have a loss, we encourage you to call your local SERVPRO franchise! 

Are you under insured?

5/14/2021 (Permalink)

Most homeowners don't think about the policy until they need to put in a claim.  It's only when an actual loss occurs that they dig out the policy, and call or go online to file a claim. The big question now becomes, is it a covered loss and do you have enough in your limit to pay for the mitigation, mold remediation (if needed) and the reconstruction?  Sadly, most people don't. If you have a sump pump, make sure you have sewer and drain backup on your policy. Even then, most people put a limit of $5,000-$10,000 - that just isn't enough. To be covered, make sure you that your limit is at least $20,000.  For any other questions, please reach out to your local SERVPRO; we're always here to help.

Professional relationships

5/4/2021 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO, we've seen it all, but sometimes there are things that are out of our wheelhouse. We recently finished a job at a large manufacturing facility that had experienced a non-toxic spill inside of the plant. Although it was quite a large mess with over 300 gallons of product, we completed the job and it looked like "It never even happened" by the time we were finished.  They called us back a few weeks ago and were requesting our help once again; only this time, the spill was outside in the parking area.  Being that the substance was petroleum based, we were not able to help in that particular situation. We got them in touch with the proper EPA and DEP representatives and the issue was handled properly and by all regulations. 

Mold Mold Go Away

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

Though we can't wish it away we can take it away and that is what we did for a private school in the area. When our operation manager went and inspected the area in question, he found mold. As soon as he got back to the office he made the needed phone calls to the insurance company, once that was done we started doing inventory of the entire room. This can be a tedious process, then we sealed off the rooms and created negative air. After treatment to the walls and everything with mold, clearing plastic and general cleaning. The maintenance director said it looks" "Like it never even happened." That is the SERVPRO way of doing things we go the extra mile to make as "Like it never even happened."  

Home owners insurance

12/9/2020 (Permalink)

When was the last time you looked at your homeowners insurance policy? Do you know what you are covered for? More importantly, do you know what will not be a covered loss? Most people don't. Ground water is never covered by any insurance carrier. If it does not  physically happen inside the walls of the home, chances are it is not covered. If your sump pump fails for whatever reason and you don't have sewer and drain back up, it will not be a covered loss. All these things you wish someone would tell you ahead of time. Well we just told you. SERVPRO cares and we want to make sure your home and life get back to running smoothly as soon as possible.

Tomato juice baths?

5/6/2020 (Permalink)

No matter where you live in the United States, you are always surrounded by nature. And by nature we mean animals. We believe most people feel uneasy when they come face to face with a skunk. Images of tomato juice baths and showers jump in our heads. Not to mention the smell. It is probably something you don't think about until it happens to you. So what do you do when your dog comes back at night and he has been sprayed? Now your house smells of skunk. We at SERVPRO of Pottstown/Souderton we have seen this and have thoroughly cleaned homes after a skunk spray. Call us at SERVPRO if you ever need our services but we certainly hope you won't. But if you do, you know we are just a phone call away. 

Let the pros take of it

5/6/2020 (Permalink)

So picture it: your house is under contract for sale and you are less than two weeks away from settlement when you have a massive water loss. The area has been inundated with rain for days on end and you have never had a flooded basement before, but here you are. You need to get the basement mitigated, dried out, and reconstructed prior to settlement. What do you do? You call SERVPRO. We are trained to take the stress off of you. Together with assistance of all the team working on your house, SERVPRO, subcontractors, et cetera, will make it happen for you and have your home back to you. When you have professionals working together to help a customer it is as good as done.

Calling all buyers

5/4/2020 (Permalink)

Are you selling your home? If you are we can help. How, you may ask? Well we can come in and give your home the thorough cleaning it needs to add value to your home. Who knows you might decide to stay in your home when you see the way our techs will leave your property. Starting we can professionally clean your floors, be they hard wood, laminate or carpet. We can even deep clean your furniture so that you will entice potential buyers when they see and smell how clean your home is. We can also clean your ducts which will extend the life and efficiency of your HVAC system. We can do all this and more, you did not know that SERVPRO did all of that.

Is it a show

5/4/2020 (Permalink)

Due the popular TV shows in recent years the phenomenon known as hoarding has been brought to the attention of the general public. According to an article published in Psychology Today hoarding can relieve and add anxiety and stress to individuals who suffer with this disorder. It is estimated that approxmately 1 in every 50 people suffer from the disorder. So what do you do when you run across a situation like this? You call SERVPRO who are trained and equipped to handle the clean out of a home or an apartment that has been crammed with stuff. Always wearing personal protective equipment when going into a home such as this you never know what biological issues you may run accross. So call us and we will take care of your home the SERVPRO way.

Wow that smells

5/4/2020 (Permalink)

Did you know that SERVPRO not only does fire and water restoration, but all types of cleaning also? We do water, fire, soot, mold, bio-hazard, carpet, upholstery, and all flooring. We use many chemicals and techniques in order to get the truest clean and the best odor removal. We have the best completely plant based, organic cleaners and we also utilize ozone to get the property clean and smelling great. I had an apartment building in Collegeville, the woman called because she could not get rid of a foul odor in a apartment. We went down and ozoned the property and 24 hours later she had a fresh-smelling apartment. It is just one of the things we do at SERVPRO and we do it the SERVPRO way.