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Before and after

When you get a call from an apartment complex, it's normally a fire, a mold situation or a water loss. But sometimes, it's for an evicted tenant and there is a ... READ MORE

Hoarding, yep, we can take care of that.

In this first image, you can see the bathtub, and bathroom in general, in a state of absolute filth. The person who lived here clearly suffered from Hoarding di... READ MORE

Before and during

A sump pump failure during any type of storm can be costly. During a recent flash flooding incident, it more than proved its point. The rain water proved to be ... READ MORE

Garage mold

Mold spores can and will turn out to be all different colors. Generally, it depends on the type of mold and what it is hosting on as to what color it is. In th... READ MORE

Cause and effect

This homeowner recently had a new roof installed with a low profile roof vent. Unfortunately, it was not ventilated well enough and the underside of the roof, t... READ MORE

Before and during

Supply lines, literally, are the supply sources of water to homes. When they break or leak, they cause a lot of water to flood an area in a very short amount of... READ MORE

Sump pump fails

A good majority of Americans have sump pumps in their homes to pump out any water that may come in during a flood of some sort or a storm. The NE region of the ... READ MORE


Water from a pipe break under a sink can cause more damage than you may think. Here you can see the soaking wet rug from right near the bathroom door. This part... READ MORE

Before and after photos

If you look closely, you can see the broken glass on the floor of this home. It was busted out during the fire, either by the fire department or the another sou... READ MORE

Before and during

After a fire, many things come into play. The fire marshal must determine the cause of the fire and also secure the scene. Sometimes this process can take a wh... READ MORE