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Tree falls into home

4/3/2023 (Permalink)

Roof damage Tree fell on this house during a storm causing major roof damage.

Cold weather can have a huge impact on your home or business if you are not properly prepared. To help prevent costly damages due to bad weather, consider taking the following precautions to protect your property.  

Check your property for downed tree limbs and branches. Heavy rain, ice, wind, and snow can cause tree branches to fall which could cause damages to your home or business.

Roofs, downspouts and gutters should all be inspected to ensure they are safe and in proper working order. 

You should always inspect your property, especially walkways and parking lots, for proper drainage to alleviate flood hazards potential. 

Contact us day or night if you determine that your home or business requires our services. We are always here to help. We are open for emergencies 24 hours 7 days a week.

How to Prepare Your Home for Natural Disasters

7/29/2022 (Permalink)

How to Prepare Your Home for Natural Disasters

Your home is a central aspect of your life. It is your own personal space that you share with your loved ones, such as your parents, siblings, spouse, or children. Your home is where most of your dearest memories are made and you probably want to protect it forever.

However, natural disasters are common. They can wipe away all the memories you have made in your beautiful home in a split second if you are not adequately prepared for the disaster.

Preparing for a Hurricane

One natural disaster that combines many different disasters is a dangerous hurricane. It can bring heavy rainfall, winds that are faster than 150 MPH, extreme thunderstorms, and even flash floods in areas that are near the coastline.

In the US, hurricanes are especially common between June to November and it is important to prepare for them accordingly.

Hazards of a Hurricane

When a hurricane hits your area, there are many hazards that you need to look out and prepare for. These include

  1. Storms: A dangerous storm can affect both human life and property in just a few minutes. In the surge of a hurricane, ocean water is pushed towards the coast. When combined with the high, swirling winds, such storms can cause major damage to the structure of your home.
  2. 2. Winds: Hurricanes don’t have normal winds. Instead, the wind is as fast as 150 MPH and has a swirling direction. This can easily destroy entire buildings or cause irreparable damage to the foundational structure of the building.
  3. Heavy Rainfall and Floods: When a hurricane hits, it is accompanied by tropical storms that can bring rainfall of more than 6 inches. As the water builds, there can be flash flooding in low-lying coastal areas. This is extremely dangerous for people who live in the inlands, especially because they may not have sufficient time to evacuate in such situations.

Hurricane and Natural Disaster Preparation Guidelines

Here are a few things you can do beforehand in order to minimize the damage caused by hurricanes or other natural disasters in your area:

  1. Assess Your Home

Before you start taking any precautions to prepare for a hurricane, it is important to first analyze the risks of your own home. You can check with contractors or damage repair companies to ask whether the foundational structure and landscaping of your home will be able to survive heavy winds and storms. After the inspection, you may be required to have a few repairs made in your home to make the structure sturdier.

  1. Removal of Debris and Garbage

Since storms and hurricanes come with intense winds, it is important to remove any dead trees or garbage material such as logs of wood that could be blown into your house due to extreme wind pressure.

  1. Make an Evacuation Plan and Kit

If you live in a low-lying coastal area, it is important to have an evacuation plan in place that all of your family members are aware of. Apart from the plan, you also need to prepare a kit that must be equipped with food and water supplies, essential medication, a first-aid kit, and a battery-powered flashlight.

Storm Damage Prevention: What You Should Do Before and After the Storm

6/17/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Prevention: What You Should Do Before and After the Storm

Have you ever wondered how to prepare your home for the next big storm? It is not always easy to know what steps are necessary, but this blog post will give you some helpful tips. We'll discuss all of the things that can be done before a storm hits, as well as what should happen after the storm has passed. Keep reading for more information on how to protect your property from damage!

Preventive Things to Do Before the Storm

* Have a family meeting to discuss what should be done in the case of an impending storm.

* Ensure that all your windows are covered by sturdy shutters or impact-resistant glass, especially on the ground floor level. If possible, secure double hung windows with clips and braces so they cannot open more than five inches.

* Make sure that all doors and windows can be locked securely.

* Replace weather stripping on your exterior doors if it is worn out or missing, as this will help to lock heat inside during cold months and keep hot air from escaping in the summertime.

* If you have a basement, make sure that there are no pipes located near any outside walls to prevent them from freezing during cold weather. You should also install a sump pump in case the basement floods.

* Place any lawn furniture and heavy objects against your house so they won't blow away if there is high wind.

After The Storm Has Passed

You can always tell when a storm has passed by looking at the amount of debris left in its wake. If you have any downed trees or branches on your property, be sure to clean them up as soon as possible so they don't pose a safety hazard. Additionally, if there is a large amount of water pooling around the exterior of your home due to rain damage it may need to be treated by a professional who can repair the damage.

A Storm Damage Restoration Company

If you don't feel comfortable dealing with storm damage yourself, then your best course of action may be to hire a professional restoration company. These are the people who have all the necessary tools and equipment required to fix any damages that were done by high winds or rain. Even if you think there is only minor damage it's still better to get an outside opinion before making repairs so you will know exactly how much work needs to be done.

SERVPRO has been in the industry for many years and offers exceptional storm damage restoration and cleaning services. We will be able to repair your home and also remove any mold that has grown in the aftermath of a storm. When you hire SERVPRO, you can be rest assured that we are a certified company that can cater to all your cleaning and restoration needs.

Communities come together

5/17/2022 (Permalink)

On the night of July 27, 1994 the Limerick PA community suffered a horrific plight.  An F-3 tornado roared through the area and left absolute devastation in it's path.  It's rare to have a tornado in our area let alone, after 10pm so there were absolutely no warnings issued for a possible tornado from the National Weather Service based out of Mount Holly.  When the storm ripped through, it claimed the life of 3 people in one home and completely destroyed a few others.  Remembering how the community came together to support those, brings a warm feeling as opposed to the dread and horror we felt learning of the storm and the aftermath of the clean up.  Our team is always at the ready to help in any way we can.  Should you ever need our services, please reach out.  We're available 24/7 at 610-327-9644.

The difference between "Hail", "Sleet" and "Graupel"?

4/11/2022 (Permalink)

Here in Pottstown PA, we experience all types of precipitation throughout the year. this year was no exception with a mix of graupel, sleet and hail. What is the difference? The National Weather Service defines each as such:

"Graupel" - Heavily-rimed snow particles or snow pellets that can be irregularly-shaped. Riming process acts to "glue" snow crystals together and rain or partial melting adds an icy outer layer.  Graupel is usually less than 5mm in diameter and is typically white, soft, and crumbly and resembles snow more than hail or sleet". 

"Hail" - Hail forms via convective processes that exist in showers and cumuliform clouds.  Hail tends to be opaque/white while sleet is usually more transparent. Generally, if a "ball of ice" is greater than 5mm in diameter, it is considered hail as only convective processes would allow for such growth of the ice. 

"Sleet" - A hard, translucent ball of ice less than 5mm in diameter that bounces when it falls may be called sleet if it is formed the refreezing of liquid raindrops or partial melting of a snowflake.  This can occur via convective processes (when in a shower there is partial melting) or stratiform processes (i.e. overrunning of a stationary front).

**The term "ice pellets" may be used to describe either small hail or sleet, but not graupel. 

Storms like these always have the potential to bring water damages to your home or business.  The team at SERVPRO is ready to face that challenge! 

Spaghetti Models

4/3/2022 (Permalink)

We know what spaghetti and meatballs are, but what about spaghetti models? According to 

"Spaghetti models (also called spaghetti plots, spaghetti charts and spaghetti diagrams) is the nickname given to the computer models that show potential tropical cyclone paths. When shown together, the individual model tracks can somewhat resemble strands of spaghetti noodles, hence the coining of this term!"

*GFDL (GFDL) was originally designed to forecast cyclones; it is considered one of the most accurate early model predictors on Earth as it creates a three-dimensional grid by combining information and data from multiple sources.  This info is stated on

In Southeastern Pennsylvania, we hear this term a lot during "hurricane season" on our local news broadcasts.  Our SERVPRO franchise is prepared to assist in any way with water damage or flooding of any kind!  

Thunder what???

10/1/2021 (Permalink)

Thundersnow!  What is thundersnow and what causes it?  Thundersnow is a rare winter storm event that occurs when thunder and lightning happen during a snowstorm. ... If it all comes together, that enhanced upward motion of air increases snow growth and causes enough electrical charge separation within the cloud for lightning to strike, according to abc news in a story published on March 7 2018. Other than being cool to experience and look at, what do you know about weird weather phenomena's?  What ever type of storm damage you incur, know that the team at SERVPRO of Pottstown/Souderton is here and ready to help! We are one team and we care about our communities.  You can reach us at our office line 24/7 at 610-327-9644.  


7/6/2021 (Permalink)

According to NSSL, The National Severe Storms Laboratory, there are many different types of storms. Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Floods, Lightning, Hail, Damaging Winds, and Winter Storms top their list.  Lightning is one of the oldest observed natural phenomena on earth. It can be seen in volcanic eruptions, extremely intense forest fires, surface nuclear detonations, heavy snowstorms, in large hurricanes, and obviously, thunderstorms.  What is lightning? By definition from NSSL "Lightning is a giant spark of electricity in the atmosphere between clouds, the air, or the ground. In the early stages of development, air acts as an insulator between the positive and negative charges in the cloud and between the cloud and the ground. When the opposite charges build up enough, this insulating capacity of the air breaks down and there is a rapid discharge of electricity that we know as lightning. The flash of lightning temporarily equalizes the charged regions in the atmosphere until the opposite charges build up again."  Always heed warnings and seek shelter indoors and away from windows and doors when lightning is occurring. 

Sopping Memorial day

5/28/2021 (Permalink)

The South Eastern portion of Pennsylvania is gearing up for a very interesting Memorial Day Weekend; weather wise, that is.  The forecast is calling for rain this afternoon, through Saturday and Sunday and finally stopping on Monday.  Normally, that would just be depressing over a 3 day weekend, but considering we haven't had rain for almost a month, the ground is exceedingly dry. If we get a lot of wind with this storm front, that will add to the dangers of power outages and overall nastiness. With it being so dry, the literal dust will kick up first, then the rain, which makes it almost clay like, will cause loss of visibility. Let's hope that it truly doesn't get to that point, but we need to be as prepared as possible.  

What the Hail?

5/25/2021 (Permalink)

What is hail?  By definition of "Hail is precipitation that is formed when updrafts in thunderstorms carry raindrops upward into extremely cold areas of the atmosphere."  Hail can be severe and affects homes, cars, aircraft, livestock and people. It can be deadly. Hail generally occurs in the summer months and can happen anywhere in the world, but Kenya holds the record for most days, 132, in one year, according to data from 2016. Hail can fall anywhere between 15-40mph depending on the severity of the storm. If you experience hail damage to your home or business you will want to reach out to your insurance carrier as soon as possible. You're local SERVPRO franchise is familiar with mitigating the damage from hail storms.  

Are you prepared?

5/17/2021 (Permalink)

We all know of the dangers involved with storms of any kind, but are we truly prepared to deal with it if and when it happens?  Storms aren't just thunder and lighting and wind. They can be a full scale power outage with downed tree branches or whole trees blocking roadways and creating havoc. What is your escape plan should you need one?  When was the last time you and your family sat down, discussed an escape plan and then practiced it?  Most don't even think about it until it happens. Being prepared is sincerely the best option. You must take all things into account and make a plan based on the info you have at the time. Come up with alternate routes to leave your home if it comes to that. Always keep your info in an easy to grab spot so you aren't floundering later to find it. Your local SERVPRO office can and will help you formulate a plan should you request one. 


5/17/2021 (Permalink)

Tornadoes are one of the most awesome and terrifying of storms. They wreak a lot of havoc and loss of life. To this day the worst tornado in U.S. History was the Tri-State tornado that ripped through Missouri, Illinois and Indiana in March of 1925.  It killed 695 people in the 3 1/2 hours that it lasted.  The length was 219 miles.  It was deemed as an F5 on the Fugita scale (which did not exist in 1925) but is used measure the severity of tornadoes. We don't get many tornado's in our part of the country, but when they do happen, they are devastating. Along with the wind damage, there can also be water damages and power outages as well.   

Power strip

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

Storms come in all shapes and sizes. Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Thunderstorms...the like of which we all see at some point no matter where we live. One of the biggest issues is lack of power. If the electric goes out, we either kick on the generator or hope the power comes back on in a few hours. When the power comes back on, it generally creates a surge of electricity. We don't normally think anything of it, unless something that should be working isn't.  With this in mind, what do you have plugged into your power strip and when was the last time you checked it's integrity? Power strips tend to be the 8th wonder of the world, but they can cause a fire in a heartbeat if they are overloaded or too old. Make it a point to check them frequently to avoid any type of damage!

Rain Rain Go Away

7/10/2020 (Permalink)

I have not seen this much rain in one day as today in the Berks county and Montgomery county areas. It has been non stop rain, heavy rain at that. I mean heavy, one of the major roads here was closed for a puddling of water on the roadway no one could get through. That is just one example of amount of water in the area. Some of the area is under flood warning. Tropical storm Fay is to blame for all this rain in fact I heard 3 to 5 inches of water when the storm ends. The bottom line is that there is nothing that will keep us from getting to our customers when they need us because we at SERVPRO live "Like it never even happened."

Bad storm

5/6/2020 (Permalink)

Some of us watch the weather like it is our job and we let it dictate our lives. We try to plan events around certain times of the year to be able to avoid having to cancel due to a nasty storm. Sometimes no matter what you do, you will find yourself in the path of a horrific storm. The Midwest and deep south has seen the storms in the form of tornadoes. They lash out and no one can stop the path of a tornado. It is not always, but we get tornadoes in Pennsylvania every once in a while. What would you do if you were in that situation? It is something to ponder because it does happen and if you get caught in a storm SERVPRO will be here.

May flowers

5/6/2020 (Permalink)

As the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. In some cases, they also bring unwelcome water intrusions to your home or business. We have had higher than normal amounts of moisture in the ground via snow melt and rain storms this past winter. With this the ground is completely saturated and that can cause sump pump failures as well as general leaking through foundations. If left untreated, the water can become hazardous to your health. Most of the time the water is too much for people to handle on their own. They usually try to vacuum it with a wet dry vac but it is not always enough. You will need to call in help who can come armed with air movers and to properly mitigate the issue.

Storm is a coming

5/5/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO specializes in storm and flood damage restoration. Our crews are highly trained and we use specialized equipment to restore your property to its pre-storm condition. Faster response is how we work. Since we are locally owned and operated, we are are able to respond quicker with the right resources which is extremely important. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces the restoration cost. When storms hit Pottstown, Harleysville, Souderton, Telford, Phoenixville, Collegeville, East Greenville, Limerick, Royersford, Red Hill, Skippack and surrounding areas we can scale our resources to handle a large storm or flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of 1,650 SERVPRO offices across the country. It is true what was said in other blogs, SERVPRO can be as large or as small as you need us to be. 

Emergency, are you ready?

5/5/2020 (Permalink)

Always be prepared for an emergency with a supply kit. No matter where you live in the country, disasters of all kinds can affect you, so here are some ideass for an emergency supply kit.

Water 1 gallon per person per day. Food non perishable 3 day supply. Manual can opener. Battery operated radio preferably noaa weather radio. Flashlight and extra batteries. First aid kit. Whistle to signal for help. Clothing, dust masks and bandanas, Plastic sheeting, garbage bags, duct tape, zip ties. Wrench or pliers to turn off utilites. Personal hygiene items. Documents copies of insurance, bank account, cash. If you find yourself in a situation where there is a possible evacuation, make sure to wear clothing as opposed to your pajama, the point is have one change of clothes with you.

Mother Nature

5/5/2020 (Permalink)

All over the globe millions of people are affected by natual disasters every year. These can be wildfires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, or tsunamis. Depending on where you live, these can be more prevalent. In the Midwest, you expect more tornadoes. In California, earthquakes and wildfires spread by the Santa Anna winds. In the Northeast, we have some rain or flash flooding with remnant of a hurricane. For some people it was the strangest 10 or 15 seconds of their lives. The strange thing is that some people felt it others did not, we talking about the earthquake that had it's epicenter in Virginia. It was a rare thing to have happen in Virginia. All I am trying to say is be diligent, be prepared, and always remember SERVPRO.

Who should I call?

5/5/2020 (Permalink)

Imagine you just had some sort of storm come through your area. You now have a water intrusion and you need help to get it dried out. You have never done this before so you aren't exactly sure where to start. Some friends start making suggestions on different providers, but you want the best and you won't make your mind up until you have the best. Then you start finding out bits and pieces of this company called SERVPRO. You look into the upstart of the company, how they have over 1,600 offices in the United States and you see how they have a house onsite at the corporate office that they smoke and flood, all of these little things add up to SERVPRO, simply the best.

It fell uphill

4/10/2019 (Permalink)

You can't help but look at nature sometimes and be in complete awe; and then complete confusion. How does a tree fall uphill? Literally, how does it happen. It sits at the bottom of a hill in a gully and yet, it managed to uproot itself in an upward direction, hence, uphill. As you can see in the picture, it's leaning against the shed that it is partially covering and another tree branch very high up. We've had some vicious rains and wind lately, but this seems strange even under those conditions. The homeowner wanted to handle the job himself, but after careful consideration he's decided to call in a professional tree removal and landscape company. If this were to fall the other way, it would block their driveway. 

On the horizon

3/16/2019 (Permalink)

While there are no big storms forecast for the Mid-Atlantic or New England states right now, it doesn't mean we can be lax. The old saying goes that "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb". The storm that came through our area on Sun March 3 absolutely proved that old saying true. It appears that we are finally going to head into spring and that March will "go out like a lamb". We do caution everyone though that with the rain and snowmelt, the ground is saturated so this can cause water intrusions. Be aware and check your basements and sump pumps daily just to make sure there is no issue and you don't end up with mold. If you do need us, please call us at 610-327-9644. We're available 24/7 for our neighbors. 

Be diligent, be prepared.

3/8/2019 (Permalink)

With the recent tornado that just struck in Alabama, it should get us all thinking about safety and escape routes. It's not something we want to think about, but you must come up with an evacuation plan should something happen. You must always be diligent and be aware of your surroundings. Know where emergency exits are and place your self as close to them as possible. Keep your eyes open for the quickest and most open path to an exit. Whether you're enjoying dinner out or relaxing at home, when the weather turns vicious and you only have a few precious seconds to react, you want the best chance possible to get yourself and everyone else to safety. We're here for our neighbors 100%. Call us should you ever need us. 610-327-9644.

Avoiding the damage

2/26/2019 (Permalink)

The cold weather can have a huge impact on your home or business if you are not properly prepared. To help prevent costly damages due to weather, consider taking the following precautions to protect your property. 

Check your property for downed limbs and branches. Heavy rain, ice, wind and snow can cause branches to fall, which could cause damage to your home or business. 

Roofs, water pipes and gutters should all be inspected to ensure they are in proper working order.

inspect your property, especially walkways and parking lots, for proper drainage to alleviate flood hazard potential. Also be sure there are no cracks in the walkways or parking lots that would allow water to build up and freeze. 

If you are in need of our services, please remember we are here for our neighbors 24/7. Call us at 610-327-9644

Beauty salon disaster

4/11/2018 (Permalink)

Weather plays an integral part of our everyday life whether we know it or not. You wake up and start your day. You have coffee, grab a shower and some breakfast and out the door you go. It's cold, but you are a Pennsylvania native so you bundle up a little more and prepare to deal with your day. Your drive to work is pretty uneventful, but when you get there, it's a whole different ball game.  There was a crawl space that wasn't properly insulated years ago and there was a crack in a doorway close to there that allowed air in and to freeze the pipes, the radiator specifically.  What a mess. 2 inches of water are now covering the entire shop from front to back.  The waiting room to the stylists stations and everywhere in between. it's too much to handle on your own, you need the experts. And all of this, because of the crazy snow storms and bitter cold temps in PA this winter. 

Winter Storm Riley

3/5/2018 (Permalink)

This past weekend, we in the general area of SE PA experienced quite a storm. The rain/snow that came was heavier in some spots but the biggest challenge we are facing now is the power outages due to the high winds. You local SERVPRO Franchise is here to help. We are gearing up for another storm supposedly coming mid week and then a second over the weekend. What can you do? Well, start by checking on your neighbors, especially the elderly and those with small children. You should have at least 1 gallon of water per person per day on hand. You should also have non-perishable food for all persons for a minimum of 3 days. Please be patient with the electric companies as their linemen are doing the best they can considering the circumstances. If you find yourself in need of our services, please reach out to us via phone at 610-327-9644 or on Facebook at  www.Facebook.comSERVPROpottstownsounderton

Is winter over?

3/2/2018 (Permalink)

Cold weather can have a huge impact on your home or business if you are not properly prepared. To help prevent costly damages due to weather, consider taking the following precautions to protect your property. 

Check your property for downed limbs and branches. Heavy rain, ice, wind and snow can cause branches to fall, which could cause damage to your home or business along with potential power outages. 

Roofs, downspouts and gutters should all be inspected to ensure they are in proper working order.

Inspect your property, especially walkways and parking lots, for proper drainage to alleviate flood hazard potential.  Contact your local SERVPRO Franchise professionals 24 hours a day if you determine that your home or business requires our services. We're always here to help! Call us 610-327-9644 or reach out of Facebook at